dizigom true beauty – Dizigom: “True Beauty” is a South Korean television series aired in 2020-2021. It is based on the popular webtoon (online comic) titled “True Beauty” by Yaongyi. The drama follows the story of Lim Ju-Kyung, a high school scholar who uses makeup to hide her insecurities and gain confidence.


Dizigom True Beauty

Lim Ju-Kyung is portrayed by actress Moon Ga-young, who transforms herself with makeup and becomes a “goddess” in the eyes of her classmates. However, her true appearance remains a secret, and she goes to great lengths to hide her natural looks. The story takes an interesting turn when she crosses paths with two classmates: Lee Su-ho, played by Cha Eun-woo, who is a popular and handsome student with a troubled past, and Han Seo-jun, played by Hwang In-year, who is a rebellious yet caring student.

Some More About The Dizigom Series

As the story unfolds, “Dizigom: True Beauty” explores themes of beauty standards, self-acceptance, friendship, and romance. Lim Ju-kyung’s journey to discover her true self and embrace her natural beauty forms the narrative’s core. The drama also delves into the challenges and pressures teenagers face in Korean society, particularly regarding appearance and social acceptance.

“Dizigom: True Beauty” gained significant domestic and international popularity for its relatable storyline, engaging characters, and exploration of contemporary societal issues. It resonated with viewers who could relate to the struggles of self-image and the desire to be accepted for who they truly are.

Overall, “Dizigom: True Beauty” presents a compelling and heart-warming story highlighting the importance of self-love, inner beauty, and true friendships amidst the superficiality often associated with external appearance.

Understanding the theme of dizigom’s true beauty

Dizigom True Beauty” is a fictional title, and to my knowledge, cut off in September 2021, there is no specific television show or series by that name. Therefore, I cannot provide a specific analysis or understanding of the theme of “Dizigom True Beauty.”

However, if you’re referring to the general concept of “true beauty,” it often refers to the idea that real beauty comes from within a person and goes beyond physical appearance. It emphasizes the importance of character, kindness, authenticity, and self-acceptance. True beauty suggests that one’s inner qualities, such as compassion, empathy, intelligence, and integrity. These are more significant than external features or societal standards of attractiveness. It promotes the idea that beauty is subjective and diverse and exists in various forms beyond what meets the eye.

If you provide more information about “Dizigom True Beauty” or specify the context or source of this title, I might be able to assist you further.

Characters in the web series Dizigom

Characters in the web series Dizigom

In the webtoon series “True Beauty” (also known as “Dizigom”), there are several main characters. Here are the main characters from the story:

Lim Ju-Kyung: The story’s protagonist, Lim Ju-Kyung, is a high school student who is insecure about her appearance. She becomes a master at makeup techniques and transforms herself into a stunning beauty.

Lee Su-ho: Su-ho is a popular and handsome student who initially keeps to himself. He discovers Ju-kyung’s true appearance and forms a close bond with her—su-ho harbors deep emotional wounds from his past.

Adding More Characters Involved

Han Seo-jun: Seo-jun is a rebellious and charismatic student. He has a rough exterior but possesses a kind heart. Seo-jun develops feelings for Ju-Kyung and becomes involved in a love triangle with Su-ho.

Kang Su-jin: Su-jin is a beautiful and popular student who initially antagonizes Ju-Kyung. She is often jealous of Ju-kyung’s newfound attention and tries to undermine her.

Choi Soo-ah: Ju-kyung’s best friend who supports her throughout her transformation journey. She is caring and understanding, and her friendship with Ju-Kyung remains strong despite their challenges.

Im Hee-Kyung: Hee-Kyung is Ju-kyung’s older sister and a successful YouTuber. She provides guidance and advice to Ju-Kyung, helping her navigate the makeup and beauty world.

These are some of the key characters in the web-toon series “True Beauty” or “Dizigom.” The story revolves around their relationships .And personal growth, and challenges in school and their personal lives.