Want to watch Reddit videos on your Apple TV? Well, BingeWatch for Reddit is what you need. Here are a few apple tv apps.
On the home page, the app shows you the most shared videos you find on Reddit, or you can browse them directly through red-red tags. However, my favourite feature is to have an autoplay option activated, making the viewing experience real.

Easy Cloud player for Dropbox

Instead of Reddit videos, what if you want to stream an old video lying somewhere in spider tissue in a cloud storage unit? I guessed it, where the easy cloud player comes in. As the name suggests, it’s an app that gives you access to cloud storage on your Apple TV.

The app currently allows you to connect to any of the four cloud services — Dropbox, Box, One Drive, and Google Drive. All you have to do is sign in to any of the above on the app’s home page, and you’ll be able to access the media stored on your Apple TV.

Although the app can be downloaded for free from the Apple TV App Store, to unlock cloud services, you’ll have to pay a small one-time fee of $0.99 So, we logged in to Dropbox and Google Drive, and we watched videos in MOV format.

Cloud Player for Dropbox has other features such as Network Streaming via URL, WebINTF, Remote Playback, and Local Server access if your devices are connected to the same network. These services are free of charge and can be accessed directly.

Overall, there is no way to access the Internet on Apple TV. So, if you want to watch some unique videos on your Apple TV, which is online, you know where to go.

Forecast bar

After researching a good weather application, I am happy to say that the forecast bar is the only one I am satisfied with. Although the app will cost you $4, what makes it distinct from the rest is that you can set it on the home screen of your Apple TV.

And it will give you a glimpse of the weather forecast for the most recently viewed sites without opening them. You can only turn on your Apple TV and leave it while you still see weather updates directly on the home screen.

The best Apple Arcade games for Apple TV devices with console support also show current temperatures and conditions, today’s high and low rainfall, and future forecasts when the app opens.

Speedtest by ookla

While there are many ways to check internet speed on smartphones and computers, people don’t usually know how to do it on Apple TV.

Well, this is where the Speed test by ookla enters. I’m sure you’re already using their website. As you can guess, you’ll get the same experience on your Apple TV. Just open the app and click “go” to learn how fast to download and download for an Internet connection.

We experienced Wi-Fi signal issues when you first set up your Apple TV, so this can be useful when you want to know if it’s an ISP Internet problem or because of the low Wi-Fi signal strength.

An excellent way to judge is to take a speed test on Wi-Fi and connect Apple TV using an ethernet cable. If there is a big difference in speed, it is best to reposition the router.

Mixcloud Apple TV Apps

as the app’s name suggests is a combination of music and podcasts. The best part of the app is that it lets you create your custom radio that includes podcasts, radio shows and mixtapes. Although the music selection does not include the best singers, it has independent songs of the typical genre such as dubstep, classic etc.
In general, Mixcloud is for people who want to listen to their favourite podcasts or music on a larger screen.

Audiobooks Apple TV Apps

Enjoying seamless listening to your Audiobooks on Apple TV makes it a great experience. Well, Apple TV has most audiobooks.

The app lets you listen to your favourite books while not paying attention to your TV. Even better, with the option to play your audio, you can hear a book while browsing any other app that doesn’t have a playback sound.

The Audiobooks app currently has two modes. You can either sign up for the paid plan to enjoy all the latest audiobooks or browse the free book section (including classics like Sherlock Holmes and other public domains.

I use Audible for my Audiobook needs, so signing up for another service is not essential to me. It would be great if we could get an Audible app for Apple TV devices, but until then, Audiobooks will perform well, at least in the free section. Overall, if you’re like me, who always likes to be effective, you’ll try Audiobooks.

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