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An amazing new update on Instagram is reeling. If you’re already using Instagram for business, you’re probably aware of the countless benefits of using this social media platform as a marketing tool.

Yes, Instagram reels itself provides marketers with tons of proper functionality. But sometimes, you need a little extra help to take things to the next level. That’s where Instagram apps come in.

Hyperlapse from Instagram (iOS)

Why you should try Hyperlapse time-lapse video?

This free Instagram app helps your brand capture quality time-lapse video without carrying around bulky photography equipment. Capture video by holding your phone as the app stabilizes the captured video. Then, share it on Instagram.

You can also speed up the video to 12 times the original speed, creating a stimulating effect and an engaging way to view video content that was captured slowly over time.

InShot — Reels Editor (iOS and Android)

Why you should try it
It is one of the best Instagram apps for video editing, mainly because it’s so comprehensive. You can trim, cut, split, merge, and crop video clips. It’s easy to adjust settings like brightness and saturation. And adding music to a video is one of InShot’s key features.

This app has features specific to Instagram, like making the video square for Instagram display.

Go Pro (iOS and Android)

Why you should try the GoPro app for reels?

If you shoot epic, outdoorsy video content for Instagram using a GoPro camera, the GoPro app will make your life much easier. While capturing footage, use your mobile to adjust the video or time-lapse settings and get a clear preview of your shot.

Once your video is recorded, make edits — like freezing your favourite frames, movie-like transitions or playing with speed, perspective and colour — right in the GoPro app.

Magisto Reels Editor (iOS and Android)

Why you should try Magisto Video Editor?

This Instagram app is an artificial intelligence-powered video tool. The app uses AI to find the best, most eye-catching parts of your footage to create a video that resonates with an audience. It also uses its algorithm to incorporate edits, effects and transitions to take your clip to the next level.

Hootsuite mobile app (iOS and Android)

Why you should try it?

The Hootsuite app allows brands to track their performance on every social network, including Instagram. With the Hootsuite app, you can schedule Instagram posts to publish later, even if you can’t be at your desk. This way, you’re constantly posting content at the optimum time to engage your audience and fill your social media content calendar. Hootsuite also makes it easy to monitor your competitors’ Instagram content and track hashtags.

Also, monitor Instagram analytics using Hootsuite’s analytics function. Plus, you can create analytics reports and share data specific to your brand’s goals with the company.
Find more details on Hootsuite analytics for Instagram here:

Panoramic Insights to Edit Reels

Why you should try the Panoramic Insights app?

Use this app with Hootsuite to take your Instagram analytics up a notch. Panoramic Insights by Synaptive gives you detailed analytics for your Instagram account, including follower demographics, views, new followers, profile views, and link clicks.

And if your company has more than one Instagram account, this app can track analytics for two performances. Share the results the app has compiled by exporting your analytics reports as a spreadsheet or PDF file.

Command for Instagram (iOS)

Why you should try Command for reels?

Command provides unique metrics and shares your brand’s most essential stats each day. It also generates a report card that grades everything from your followers count to your post frequency. You can also get hashtag and caption recommendations, caption writing support, and help to find the best hashtags for your content.

Trending Hashtags by StatStory (iOS and Android)

Why you should try Trending Hashtags by statutory?

Adding hashtags to your Instagram posts is a great way to increase audience engagement. This Instagram app supports your brand’s hashtag strategy by helping you incorporate popular hashtags.

It also uses an algorithm to find hashtags relevant to your brand and recommends a mix of popular and less-popular hashtags to help you reach a broad audience.

Clean it Up (iOS)

Why you should try the Clean it Up app to edit reels?

If you’re noticing a lot of spam comments or want to clean up which Instagram accounts your brand interacts with, this is one of the best Instagram apps to clean up your follower list and reduce those comments.

With one tap, this app will mass clean your follower list, bulk block bot accounts or inactive followers, bulk delete duplicate content, size unlike, and the majority like posts.

Manage your Instagram presence alongside your other social channels and save time using Hootsuite. You can schedule and publish posts from a single dashboard, engage the audience, and measure performance. Try it free today.

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