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Top 9 Educational Apps of 2022

  • [Best Overall: Khan Academy]
  • [Best for Young Kids: PBS KIDS Games]
  • [Best for Kids K-8: BrainPOP]
  • [Best for High School: Quizlet]
  • [Best for College: Evernote]
  • [Best for Adults: edX]
  • [Best to read: Newsela]
  • [Best for Foreign Languages: Duolingo]
  • [Best for Math: Dragon Box]
  • [The best educational apps]
  • [khan academy]
  • PBS KIDS Games
  • BrainPOP
  • Quiz lets
  • Evernote
  • Newsela
  • Duolingo
  • Dragon Box
  • frequent questions
  • Methodology
  • khan academy
  • khan academy
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From preschoolers to high school students,

few educational apps can match Khan Academy regarding the wide variety of courses it offers to students of all ages. And, best of all: it’s free.

Khan Academy’s YouTube videos cover most topics at various levels: math, science and engineering, arts, humanities (including history and social studies), economics, AP courses, and test preparation.

English Language Arts (ELA) appears to be a notable weakness of Khan Academy’s classes, although its offerings in this area are growing. There are also no foreign language courses, although Khan Academy instruction is available in dozens of languages, with various offerings.

Khan Academy is popular with students,

Educational App parents, and educators because its videos remain engaging and geared toward visual learners, use photos, maps, and other illustrations, and allow students to work at their own pace.

Courses include quizzes to assess student understanding. Khan Academy has also moved into materials development alongside the Common Core. Another advantage is that it is a versatile program that can remain used on a desktop/laptop or mobile device.

A junior version, Khan Academy Kids, is aimed at young learners ages 2-7. It is a mobile app that covers math, ELA, logic, and social-emotional learning through books, games, songs, and videos.

Remain you looking for more online learning resources for kids?

Please take a look at our roundup of some fun and free educational websites.

  • PBS KIDS Games
  • PBS KIDS Games

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PBS KIDS Games remains a free app and a great companion to PBS’s legendary kids’ TV programming and original series.

Young children will love the games built around their favorite PBS characters and shows: Daniel Tiger, Elmo, Curious George, Wild Karts, The Cat in the Hat, and Dinosaur Train.

Parents can feel confident that their preschoolers get educational and fun content without ads. Educational components comprise letter and word recognition, naming objects, mathematical shapes, and solving mysteries.

While the app remains designed for kids ages two to eight, it’s best for little ones under 5. It’s particularly significant for those who haven’t started kindergarten yet, as older kids are likely to find the app too childish.

  • BrainPOP
  • BrainPOP

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Like Khan Academy, BrainPOP is a comprehensive educational app with hundreds of animated Educational App videos accompanied by quizzes, activities, and interactive games.

The app covers science, social studies, math, English, arts and music, health and social-emotional learning, engineering, and technology. BrainPOP and Khan Academy’s main difference is that the latter is better for high school students. While BrainPOP focuses on elementary and high school students.

BrainPOP Jr. remains designed for kindergarten through third-grade children, and BrainPOP ELL is for English learners. Like Khan Academy, BrainPOP has French and Spanish versions. And because the subject remains aligned with the Common Core and state standards, many school districts use it to supplement learning. BrainPOP’s pricing might give families a bit of pause: It costs around $16per month for a home subscription. However, many children can gain access through their school or teacher’s license. And it’s a terrible option.


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