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Although email marketing belongs to the old marketing school, some marketers believe its impact is weak. However, it is still considered one of the most vital channels of e-marketing, as it is a critical part of the marketing process for business online.

Email marketing will continue as an essential marketing element. It will never become a consumer because everything that happens on the internet is linked in one way or another to email. It is the first and most critical official means of communication on the internet.

E-commerce workers know the value of email marketing, and the return on email marketing investment is usually higher than most other marketing channels.

Email is also one of the best channels to connect with interested customers and share the latest news, products and services with an audience that already knows you, so it’s time to take advantage of that most effective and income-generating marketing channel.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the oldest and best e-marketing strategies, through which you can get highly targeted visitors to either your company’s website or your online store.

Email marketing depends on communication between one of the sites and the target users of this site. It is a marketing tool that enables you to send marketing messages to users who have visited your site before.

To understand the importance of email marketing, open your email. You’ll find messages from Facebook telling you that you have new friendship requests with a link to unlock your account.

You will find messages from the e-stores you have purchased from before, which tell you that there are products suitable for you, and you will find other messages from some sites telling you that there is important new content that has been added to the site.

The Importance of Email Marketing Visitors

Why are email visitors so important? The answer boils down to the way the mailing list was collected.

The visitor subscribes to the mailing list of his own volition and is expected to receive emails with new offers or marketing messages that are essentially in their place of interest.

For example, if you’re on commission marketing, assuming you choose to market food-related products (such as a book, guide, or cooking guide).

If you are an email marketing user, you will already take visitors first to your landing page before entering the product’s sales page.

In this case, you will offer your visitors to join your mailing list. You will motivate them by giving them a free book, for example.

Assuming they’ve already bought what you’re marketing or not, you can still access them by email.

They’re now very targeted visitors in every money that has to do with cooking and recipes so that you can market the same product or other products to them in the same field.

If you’re one of those who don’t look to build mailing lists of visitors who get them, you lose a lot.

Features of Email Marketing

1. Easy to Adjust the Tools Through which you can Get your Mailing List

sign up for a company that provides an email marketing service (we’ll list the most important of these companies), place the company code on your site or landing page, and start collecting your mailing list.
Of course, you can automatically adjust messages to reach each subscriber precisely as you plan. Everything can be automatically explicitly tuned as you want.

2. The Simple Cost Compared to the Benefits That Can be Earned Through It

You have to pay the company that offers the email marketing service, using the exact visitors you own, and you will get double benefits from it.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, email marketing has a return on investment that is not comparable to any other marketing channel.

3. Ability To Measure Results Accurately

You can easily track the results regarding the percentage of those who opened the email from the total recipients. And the number of people who clicked on the link in the message. etc., through the company providing Email Marketing services.

4. This Type of Marketing is characterised by Taking a Selfie in Dealing With the Customer

In other words, you can formulate a message that appears to be personal and addressed to each customer. As email marketing services allow you to place the customer’s name at the beginning of the message.

It’s primarily a personal message on the customer’s email, making email marketing a very effective channel.

We have come to the end of the theoretical part of introducing the world of miles marketing and its importance and advantages. And now let’s start with the practical part.

What Do You Need to Start Email Marketing

You must first have your mailing list to enter email marketing, which you achieve by buying or building a mailing list yourself.

There are a lot of risks you should be aware of if you decide to buy a mailing list.

This system consists of some elements:

Involvement In An Email Marketing Service?

These are services for collecting and managing mailing lists. Through which the data of the subscribers of the mailing list (name – electronic red. etc.).

Through them, messages are sent to subscribers automatically following advance settings (the most important providers of this service will address later).

Design A Form To Capture User Data

There are many types of these forms, including what appears as a window clicking on the site’s content. And some next to the site’s content.

At other times, user data capture through the site registration process, such as opening a Facebook account requiring you to enter your name and email. Then this data is used to send you messages without registering on a separate form.

Link the Mailing List Subscription Form to Email Marketing

They do it through a code given to you by the service provider. Which is placed on the site and transfers data.

Although this is a software process, it’s not tricky, and non-programmers can accomplish it. And most email markets often have videos and articles on how to link the service to your site. WordPress and MailChimp users can use this great addition.

Adjust Your Brand Identity

Email marketing allows you to create a unique design for the messages you send to subscribers. Such as putting your company logo on and choosing specific colours (by creating HTML messages).

It also enables you to embed photos from your store for certain products and develop communication data (such as location link, email address, company name. And social media page icons).

Adjusting The Message System

Through the message here, you will get marketing benefits. But you have to understand very well that not every message you send to mailing list subscribers is a marketing message.

So let’s divide messages across the email marketing system into two types:
Now you are ready to start using email marketing to bring marketing benefits to your business. So follow the next step.

The Most Important Criteria For Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing, like any other type of marketing, has criteria for success. From this, you can observe an understanding of how successful you are in email marketing.

1. Message Opening Rate

The message opening rate is meant by how many users have opened the message sent from every 100 users who received the news. For example, if you have a mailing list of 100 users. You send a message, and you get a 15% open rate. This means that 15 users opened the message from the 100 users who received it.

When the opening rate is between 20-25%, you have an effective strategy, and if your email opening rate is 5-10%. You need to check your program and find areas for improvement.

To calculate the ctr, take the number of recipients who clicked your message, dividing that by the number of emails you sent.

2. Build A Mailing List

This process in the world of Email Marketing is called Op-tin. Another essential term is called Double-Opt-In, the difference between the first and the second. Is that in the first, registering ends with the mailing list once the data entry?

Of course, all professionals in the email marketing world recommend building Double Opt-In mailing lists.

Building a mailing list is not easy. And you have to make marketing efforts and do a lot of experiments and tests to get the best possible result.

The critical point for successfully building a mailing list is providing a solid reason for users to subscribe to the mailing list (e.g. appearing brand or giving it good content).

For example, when you buy from Amazon. You will confidently mark the receipt of promotional messages on your mailings because they are a reliable brand. If you find a blog that offers good content, you will confidently fill out the mailing list subscription form.

3. Start Sending Marketing Messages

This process links to system settings, and it is challenging to send marketing messages to users manually.

Hence the importance of the system. For example, you can adjust a message sent every month containing the best-selling products in your online store.

You can adjust weekly, monthly or every 15-day marketing messages for users, and that’s not just what can change through the system. There are a lot of other advance settings through which mailing list subscribers can use classification and send private messages according to their category.

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