Embed Google Reviews

Embed Google Reviews

Embed Google Reviews Generating and displaying Google reviews on your Website remains simple and easy with the Embed Reviews stage.

Here are the steps on in what manner to embed the Google Reviews Widget on your Website:

  • Create an account
  • Go to ‘Fonts’ and click ‘Add Source.’
  • Add Google as a basis to connect your Google My Business location
  • Once the reviews widget remains generated, copy the provided code
  • Open the HTML of your Website and paste the widget code.

That is all. For more details, scroll below for the step-by-step tutorial. Here remains a screenshot of a Google Reviews widget on a website:

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  • Google reviews remain an integral part of the Website these days. You want to show your customers that you stay a trustworthy company by having them share their experiences with others online.
  • In the following text, we provide more details in a step-by-step process on adding Google reviews to a website and understand why all businesses should pay courtesy to Google My Business reviews.

Steps to Embed Google Reviews Widget with Embed Reviews

Fortunately for you, we developed a review aggregation tool to help you get your Google reviews automatically, without having to struggle repeatedly throughout the process. Embedding Google reviews on any web page can be easy with our platform based on API keys.

Embed Reviews remains seamlessly integrated with the Google API. Pull all customer reviews of your locations from Google Places and Google Maps. By this tool, you can add Google reviews and recommendations to your business page so your Website visitors and possible customers can see all the positive reviews in no time.

Here are the steps to embed a [Google Reviews] widget on your Website:

First, sign in to your

Embed Google Reviews

account or create a new account.

Step 1.  Go to the Fonts tab on the left side menu and then click on ‘Add Source’

Step 1 to insert Google reviews

Step 2 . Select Google in the pop-up window. And in the following steps. You will remain asked to connect your Google My Business account to the platform.

Step 3.  Once you connect your Google business profile, select the location where you want to get the reviews in the next step. Click Create Widget, and you will remain redirected to the widget editor with all reviews generated from the selected Google location.

Step 4 – Customize and moderate your widget and click the “Copy Code” button to copy the widget code

Step 5 – Paste and embed the code into your Website or editor.

If you use WordPress, you can effortlessly embed the [Google Reviews] Widget by just pasting the code into the HTML block in the WordPress editor:

embed form code in WordPress:

[Embed Google Reviews]

The best part is the customization functionality, where you can choose which online reviews you want to display. For example, you can moderate some negative thoughts and create a better overall customer review widget.

You can choose from the predefined templates: sidebar, grid, slider, etc. Or you can customize your widget at a higher level using custom CSS.

Oh, and don’t worry about new reviews. The widget updates automatically and will display reviews immediately after they are in your GMB account.

[Embed Google Reviews] in WordPress

You have done your beautiful and positive Google My Business reviews, and now it’s time for these reviews on your WordPress website. At the beginning of this post, we outlined the easy steps for using [Embed Reviews] to add Google reviews to an HTML website. But, if you have a WordPress website, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The [Embed Reviews] platform has a WordPress integration, which means you can embed your [Google reviews] in just a few steps.

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