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Sorry Game Write for us

Sorry Game Write for us

Sorry Game Write for us.: The objective is to be the first player to get all four colored pawns from their start space, hence; around the board, to their “home” space. The pawns are generally moved clockwise but can be moved backward if directed. The drawing of a card requires the movement of instruments.

How to Play this Game if you have any knowledge?

THE START is made by shuffling the cards well and placing the pack face down on the center design on the board. Each player then draws a card from the group. The player sketches the highest card, which is called the Leader. He chooses the color playing pieces he wants and also has the first play. The Sorry card counts the highest in a drawing. The Winner of the first game is the Front-runner in the second game.

THE PLAY begins with the Leader drawing the top card from the pack, placing it face upward in the design marked on the board, and also moving his man according to the directions on the card he has drawn. The player on the left of the Leader draws the next card from the pack, but no player may draw a card until the previous play has been completed.

TO START A MAN OUT, a player places one of his men on the colored circle in front of his Start. A player must attract a No. 1, No. 2, or Sorry card for each man he Jumps.

NOTE CAREFULLY that in playing either a No. 1 or No. 2 card to Start a Man Out, the player merely places his man on the painted circle in front of his Start, but the player does not, in adding, move his man forward on that play.

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