Tokyo Afterschool Summoners is a free card-based RPG with turn-based combat. Each character card has a weapon type and an elemental attribute that determines its strengths and weaknesses compared to other cards in rock-paper-scissors-style matchups.

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners is a mobile “Card Battle RPG” developed by LifeWonders for iOS and Android. Earn cards through summoning, power up your favorite character cards, defeat enemies, and progress through the story.

The player can choose up to 5 appearances and voices for their main character, whether male, female or other.

What is Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Wiki

One time, not so long ago, the protagonist is taken to Tokyo. Without remembering who they are or who they were, they enroll in Shinjuku Academy, make and bond with new friends and classmates, and begin to settle down to enjoy their new school life. However, she and her friends are drawn into a mysterious app fighting game, one related to how their town is cut off from the outside world by a wall that prevents anyone from leaving and perhaps discovering a key. Who they are. You are.

Tokyo after School Summoners is a mobile game released by LifeWonders in 2016. While technically still a Japanese-only game, following thousands of fan requests, the game offers the ability to change the language to English for players worldwide, with just a few non-majors. The story missions need to be translated, although players can view the fan translation at

How do I Download this Game Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Wiki?

You can install the app from the Google Play Store here if you are an Android user. If this is impossible, you will need to install QooApp on your phone from here. Then open QooApp and search for LifeWonders. Select and install.

How do I Start Playing Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Wiki?

Before you can start playing, you will first be taken to the title screen, where you can choose your preferred language settings. From now on, only four languages will be available. Once you agree to the game’s “Terms of Service,” you will be taken to the character creation screen where you can select which of the following skins you would like to select, followed by the player’s voice, gender, and name. The protagonist has the same skill kit regardless of your selection. When this is done, you will taken to the transfer form screen, where you can continue or redo your character customization.

When you officially start, you will greeted with a black screen, follow by some dialogue and a story that will be skipped and read, leading to a few-and-one fight. Follow the game’s instructions, and you will win the battle, winning it as a permanent unit and member of your team. For more information on how to fight, it is recommend to watch and read the combat system.

The game then asks you to add it as a team member and level it up, much like it will do the same for your future units. If all of these are true, you will taken to the map that only says Shinjuku district with the word next to it. Click on it, and then you will presented with a “Summoner’s Guide” title card. Click on it again, and you will taken to your team screen. So Click on “Start” at the bottom right of the screen to start the story/dialogue, followed by a fight. This pattern will continue for future chapters, but sometimes there will only be story/dialogue and no combat; others will have a fixed team to work with depending on the story setting.

Summon Currency

How do I get more characters in Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Wiki?

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the free characters you get after completing specific story chapters, consider spending 50 Transient Stones on premium gachas for multiple turns. Premium gachas are primarily based on current events that celebrate a particular holiday (New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Halloween) or offer an excellent side adventure (Go Island, Desert Journey).

But there are several ways to build your team other than getting new transients; that is, earn the various summoning coins to have a chance to draw from a gacha.

Event Shop Characters in Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Wiki

As per the information on the website, sometimes certain events give you a chance to get multiple copies of a pure event character: etc. Usually, there may be better units in terms of skills than these, but you can get multiple copies of these units. You can increase your Sacred Artifact level to 100 quickly and easily, which you can only do regularly by spending many stones.

That means it’s worth getting both variants for those units by paying the two event-specific currencies on them. Newer event shop units tend to perform better, and they always try to maximize their SA levels compared to older ones. Note that the Event Shop units have an additional gear cost of 2. Probably to offset the fact that they are guarantee 100 SAV.

If you don’t get these accessible units during their events, they’re also available for replays of their respective debut events. After your events have been repeat several times, they will be available in the Andvari Shop. Please note that these units will not added to the general summon pool.

Keeping Your Account Safe in Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Wiki

You should follow these steps to make it easy to recover your account if you lose access to it.

Backing Up Your Authkey

Authkey is the file that stores your account details. If you lose access to the device you are playing on. You can install the game on another machine and copy the authentication key to the game folder. It is highly recommend to make a copy of your authkey and keep it in a safe place. See Risky Easy Way for information on how to find your authkey.

Re-personalize Your Account

From the main menu, select Options, then Player Settings. You will engaged to a screen where you can change your avatar and name (which you chose when creating the account). You must fill in the Last Name and Nickname fields and write them down along with your avatar’s language number. LifeWonders will ask you for this information if you need to contact support to recover your account. Don’t forget to click Update after making changes.

Player Identification

From the main menu, select Friends, then Find Allies. At the bottom of the screen, you will find your player ID. It is recommend that you write this number down. As LifeWonders will ask you if you need to contact support to recover your account.


Tokyo Afterschool Summoners wiki is a mobile game, “Card Battle RPG,” developed by LifeWonders for iOS and Android. Earn cards through summoning, power up your favorite character cards, defeat enemies, and progress through the story.