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Do you want to enter the video marketing arena or deepen your knowledge? No matter your experience level, you have everything to learn from digital marketing gurus. I

n addition to regularly making professional video content, they know how to analyze the performance of their creations. We brought together a group of high-level experts to ask them to share advice in a webinar. Discover the top ten of their recommendations for successful videos.

1. C is by creating that one becomes a creator

No one embarks on a new adventure without fumbling. Video marketing is no exception. The more experience you accumulate when it comes to pro video, the more comfortable you will feel in digital marketing.

“People don’t know where to start because they don’t realize you just have to press a button on their phone,” says Madalyn Sklar, creator of the program Video Like a Rockstar.

“The value you offer is infinitely greater than the video editing effects and all the bling-bling that goes with it,” adds. Sunny Lenarduzzi, founder of YouTube for bosses. “Don’t worry too much about your dress style or your voice. Instead, help people solve their problems. »

2. Improv Kills Pro Video Marketing

Planning your marketing video allows you to keep track and address all the essential points. You may want to consider writing a script according to the video type.

“Trust simply comes from the fact that you’re better able to communicate when you know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about,” explains Amy Landino, co-founder of digital marketing agency Aftermarq and author of the bestseller Vlog Like a Boss. “Make sure you’re in tune with the audience and create the content they expect.”

3. Yes, You Have A Camera!

When we think of “pro video”, we usually have a high-end camera. Error! If you already have one and know how to use it, much better. Otherwise, your smartphone will do the trick.
Marketing expert Madalyn Sklar told us a family anecdote about video creation. “The other day, my father called me to ask me which digital camera to choose. I replied: Your smartphone! And we had a good laugh because people tend to overlook the potential of their phones. The iPhone X can shoot in 4K at 60 frames per second to give you an idea. It’s mind-blowing! »

4. Put Your Digital Marketing Project In The Spotlight

For creating your marketing video, good lighting makes all the difference. Digital marketing expert Sunny Lenarduzzi swears by the light of day. “Since I’ve been doing pro video, I love using natural light because it’s one of the best sources of lighting.”

Good news, reassures the author Jay Baer, the efficiency of artificial lighting is accessible to trim budgets. “I have studio lighting in the office because I do pro video all the time, and my two projectors must have cost me $75,” he says.

5. Don’t Neglect The Sound

When it comes to digital marketing, we tend to underestimate the importance of sound. Don’t fall into this trap.

“When you’re just starting, the sound is probably your last concern. It’s one of the major components of the immersive video experience,” says video marketing creator Amy Landino. If there is one investment to consider from the beginning, it is that of a good microphone to get pro video content.

6. Background Rhymes With Coherent

Choose the background of your pro video according to your industry and goals. If you plan to create a series of videos, the consistency of the environment of the different contents is essential. Indeed, this consistency allows users to recognize your brand.

“Think about how you want to stage your brand,” suggests digital marketing agency director Amy Landino. “For example, you can wear the logo on your clothes, place it behind you or turn directly into your store. It all depends on your brand and how you want to organize your video series. »

7. Don’t Film Anything Randomly

Rather than creating content on a whim, develop a well-crafted video marketing strategy. Your long-term impact will be more significant. In addition, your tactic will allow you to build a solid and loyal audience.

According to author Jay Baer, “Regularly creating consistent content, with a uniform style and appropriate circumstances, allows the audience to get to know you and follow you in the long term. It creates a familiar environment.

8. You Don’t Change A Winning Concept

When it comes to video editing, digital marketing expert Sunny Lenarduzzi is positioning herself. “We have a scripting model to ensure the efficiency and consistency of all our content. This strategy makes video editing much easier.

The idea is to have a hook, results and a testimony from the first minute so that people know where they are going. Then we follow the script step by step to demonstrate and create value. Then we end with a call-to-action. By following this structure, we ensure the consistency of the editing of all our videos. »

9. Each Network Has Its Video Marketing

We do not recommend using precisely the same content on all social networks.
Video marketer Amy Landino explains why: “If a video is designed for YouTube, it may not work well on

Facebook. You don’t become creating brand new content, but you have to adapt it to your target network. For example, if you want to launch a video on YouTube, you can create a 30-60 second clip to post on Facebook to drive traffic to your original content. »

10. The Shorter, The Better

The time and attention that users devote to you are limited. If there is no optimal length for each piece of content, you can assume that the shorter, the better.

Efficiency is one of my favourite watchwords,” says digital marketer Sunny Lenarduzzi. “Nowadays, users’ attention is limited because they will constantly bombarded with messages. If you’re creating business content, likely, the audience has never heard of you. Keep in mind that people are not loyal to your brand, which is why you need to be as effective as possible.

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