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Warmer Write for Us

Warmer write for us: Warmth is an excellence of comfortable, calming heat, like the heat of a crackling fire in the hearth or the warmness of your cat in your lap. When you feel the sense of being warm, that’s warmth.

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When choosing warmer bedding, consider your preferences, the climate of your location, and the materials that best suit your comfort needs. Remember that Wamsutta and other bedding brands often offer specific collections or materials designed for warmth, so be sure to explore their product lines for options.

What is Infant Radiant Warmer?

Infant Radiant Warmer is a body-warming device to provides heat to the infant’s body. This equipment helps manage the baby’s body temperature and limit the metabolism rate. Heat tends to flow in the heat gradient direction, from high to low temperatures. The heat damage in some newborn babies is fast; therefore, body warmers provide support to keep the body temperature constant.

Uses of Warmer

The Radiant warmer can be used as a servo or manual, depending on the baby’s condition and operator. In servo mode, a pre-defined temperature is set at 36.5* C. The temperature will rise gradually and will cut once it reaches the desired temperature and will try to manage the temperature. In physical mode, the user must define the heater power and temperature and how long the device has to be activated.

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