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Wine Aerator writes for Us

Wine Aerator writes for Us

Wine Aerator writes for us: Aerators and portable, discrete, and easy to use. They offer a dependable way of aerating wine on the spot without the need for expensive decanters or bulky carafes.

Aerators are efficient and mess-free ways of ‘waking up’ wine, allowing it to show its best. Whether popping open some bottles at a backyard grilling party or a fancy, long-tablecloth dinner party, an aerator is always up to the task.

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The Difference between a Decanter and Aerator

A decanter and aerator serve the same purpose – to let the wine “breathe.” Decanting does this by expanding the surface area of the wine to increase its contact with the air and allowing those more favorable aromas and flavors to develop as less fortunate compounds evaporate.

What are the Benefits of the Caravan Aerator?

For wines that need to” breathe,” using the Caravan System and the Caravan Aerator instantaneously aerates your wine, equivalent to decanting for 60-90 minutes. The aerator works on all Caravan Timeless needle systems – Model Three, Model Five, Model Six, and Model Eleven.

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