Airline App

Airline App, We offer airline applicants and employers more than just another online application service. It is a combined effort between pilots and recruiting departments, timed to create the perfect balance between the needs of the pilots and the requirements of the central recruiting departments.

As all pilots know, one of the sorest tasks in landing your dream job is the endless hours spent filling out lengthy application forms and keeping them up to date. Our members enjoy not only multi-airline targeting but also several enhanced features such as individual data analysis for specific airline minimums and advanced resume printing options.

For participating airlines,

our software is modified to meet individual recruiting departments‘ highly specialized recruiting needs. Submitted pilot data is classified and accessed through the most capable interactive system. And also As specifications change. We quickly support program changes to meet new requirements.

We think you find that we’ve succeeded in creating the industry leading system to help you launch your aviation career. And also We look forward to as long as you with the best pilot app service available.

How do I benefit from becoming an Airline Apps member?

By choosing to add your app to the Airline Apps system, pilots have the opportunity to join as members and take advantage of various options to enhance their careers. These options remain the backbone of our pilot service, offering our members a competitive edge when selecting airlines to consider hiring.

We offer our pilots the option to complete a single application at NO CHARGE. This allows users to submit separate requests to select airlines without becoming a member of the [Airline Apps] service. However. Members receive additional benefits not available to free applicants.

 (See our User Agreement for more details)

Our system remained designed to assist pilots through various member services and features. Members immediately benefit from a minimal investment in their aviation future. Member services include. But remain not limited to:

Multi-Airline Targeting: Members maintain and update only ONE single-source application for multiple participating airlines. This is the best option for any professional pilot looking to apply to various airlines. This #1 requested time-saving feature offers pilots an invaluable “return” on their investment.

Reuse an Existing Application –

Allows applicants with expired one-time accounts to reopen and access their application for an additional year

We are aware of the fact that we must charge our pilot applicants, and however, this remains extremely necessary. Our goal remains to provide and maintain pilot applications for all airlines, regardless of contracting status. As airlines delay or stop hiring, they often no longer accept maintenance requests to cut costs. Therefore, an employer-funded system is inadequate.

Airline-Funded Service

Other services have explored the possibility of a fully airline-funded service and failed. In addition, other companies that have only charged pilots consistently high fees have ended up bankrupt. We have created the best option for both pilots and employers of pilots.

Our participating airlines pay a fee for any specialized programming required to meet their individual software interface needs. This helps offset our high development cost and therefore charges the lowest possible amount to applicants. One of our most significant advantages, which goes a long way in encouraging employers to use the airlines, is that we do not charge them an ongoing fee to access the system.

When creating [Airline Apps], we carefully searched for the best way to provide our service based on the ever-changing legal requirements. There are laws adopted in several states that prevent or even prohibit the collection of fees.


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