Digital Marketing Partner is an association of two or more companies that seek to achieve a common goal. In the digital age, partnerships are essential, and the benefits are crucial. As one person would say,

“No business is isolated on an island. In a market where interdependencies are multiple, each company must think in terms of collaboration with others if it wants to be and remain competitive in the global market.”

Partnerships in Digital Communication, The Power of Marketing

It is better to stick together in a complex world where rapid technological progress and uncertain markets. In marketing, this translates into a Digital Marketing Partner. A Digital Marketing Partner is a collaboration agreement between two or more companies whose personal interests become common and share their resources to achieve this using digital technologies. One example is the partnership between Motorola and

Toshiba decided to exchange vital technologies and information about their industrial processes. Even though, moreover, these companies are competitors!

These types of partnerships can not only be constructive for large companies. But SMEs, micro-enterprises, and all local businesses can also benefit from these strategies. Of course, there are many depths, types, and function levels in implementing these partnerships.

In digital communication, partnerships between companies whose activities are complementary are generally established. If you’re thinking about creating one, focus on finding the company whose service or product complements yours. However, keep in mind that for an association to work, both companies must each find an advantage in it.

What About the Benefits of Digital Marketing Partners?

Digital communication partnerships have a mighty power, making it possible to react quickly in a highly competitive environment.

The main benefits of a communications partnership are to allow you to reach other audiences to publicize your products or services, thus expanding your audience, and to help you compete more effectively in an ever-changing world of the Web.

In addition, partnerships help you build brand awareness, improve your brand’s visibility and presence on social media, and strengthen your business through learning.

What Does Its Success Depend On?

It’s simply connecting with brands that offer services or products that complement yours. The level of involvement is shallow, and the impact on profits is minimal. It serves to obtain certain visibility and “formalize” the relationship.

While this may seem trivial, it’s the first step when you start thinking about digital communication partnerships. It is an excellent way to make yourself known and know the brands, products, and services that could complement yours before contacting them.

Once you follow each other on social media, you can go further in the relationship through mentions and content posted on social media. It will then be necessary to determine what words will be made and which publications will be the most appropriate.

Why is it a Good Alternative for Brands?

It is possible to seek performance by implementing a media partnership in addition, or even instead of a classic Google or Facebook campaign.

To do this, you must identify publishers consistent with your offer, drive, and targets. It’s about keeping in mind the adage of communication: “the right message, to the right person, at the right time”.

Whether you are in a BTOB or BTOC market, setting up a partnership that will serve your objectives and often at controlled costs is possible.

Let’s take the example of a campaign we set up for the Montparnasse Tower Observatory.
We support the company in creating online growth through performance-oriented campaigns. The primary objective: is to sell tickets!

We had already implemented the great classics of digital marketing: buying keywords on Google for searching Internet users and advertisements on social networks with qualified Internet users.

And video advertisements on Youtube with Internet users looking for new visitor experiences. Last summer, we partnered with the site Sortir A Paris. The objective of this partnership: is to sell tickets for a specific event, “Spider-Man animation”, on the roof of the Montparnasse Tower.

The Different Forms of Digital Marketing Partner

Media partnerships can take different forms. However, here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can put in place:

  • Co-creation of content: video, article, newsletter, etc.
  • Content production: example of the videos proposed by Brut.
  • Purchase of spaces in all their forms: native ads, banners, etc.
  • SEO links.
  • Dissemination of content on the publisher’s social networks: example of Konbini publications.