Gaming laptops are usually more expensive than an equivalent desktop system due to their small size, greater portability, and specialized hardware components.

In addition, the higher requirements for intensive 3D games require the latest technology and hardware to achieve maximum performance for gaming while remaining mobile.

Some gaming laptops cost more than $5,000$2,000, while regular laptops and even business laptops far exceed $2,000. That’s a big gap! So, what makes gaming laptops expensive?

General Portability

You can take a high-end computer anywhere without renting a large van was not possible until the turn of the millennium. What is now standard for us – thanks to smartphones – remains a positive and practical feature.

And as with all useful features, this advantage is always reflected in the price.
The price of mobility in gaming laptops is even higher than that of other laptops, as more performance can be moved.

Modding of Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops don’t disappear under the desk but are still prominent. While gamers can create their own modding on desktops, it’s best to leave laptops away from large conversions to keep the warranty.

Therefore, LEDs, unique design elements and decorations must be considered and priced directly by the manufacturer. For gamers, their computer is an object of prestige.

Upgrade Options

As with the previous point, the same applies to upgrades; loosening the screws entails a risk of loss of warranty. Of course, this doesn’t scare the hardcore modder. Still, the average gamer quickly wants to change a laptop’s ageing graphics card without a problem.

Many components, such as RAM, barely change shape but benefit from performance improvements in the following years. For example, after DDR3 RAM came DDR4 RAM. Upgrading these components is a necessity for gamers.

Laptop manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop upgrade options, which allows the price to inflate again.


Every year, research and the new production possibilities associated with it shake up the rules of the possible. Manufacturers, therefore, always fight for the latest innovations to announce their products as world champions of design.
Unfortunately, this means that a high-end gaming laptop contains the latest innovations for the end-user. And therefore, you are guaranteed to pay the highest prices compared to the components of ordinary computers or laptops.
Sad, but inevitable.

Complex Engineering of Gaming Laptops

Laptops aren’t too new in shape and texture. However, their components can change in their form and requirements.

  • Graphics cards are getting bigger and bigger.
  • Cooling systems are more extensive.
  • You must install new types of sockets.

There is plenty of space on desktop computers. However, in laptops, there is always too little space.
Engineers face more complex hurdles when designing a laptop, especially gaming ones. It usually lengthens the development process and is a small part of the higher price.

Complex Manufacturing

Again, we can go back to the previous point. More complex products always require a more complex manufacturing process.

For example, a gaming laptop with many additional LED lamps, design elements, and cooling elements needs to screw in more extended, even if it happens automatically on the production line. More production steps always cost more money.

Video Card of Gaming Laptops

We will come back below to which part is the most expensive in a gaming laptop, but briefly, high technology still costs much more than what we would like to pay when it is introduced to the market.
If you have to choose between NVIDIA and AMD, I can recommend the following article:

You can install sophisticated cooling mechanisms such as water cooling on a desktop computer. Unfortunately, there is a notorious lack of space for laptops.

Installing additional fans outdoors is not a good solution. Apart from the ruined design, more fans also make more noise.

Designing the entire cooling system and testing it properly is one of the biggest challenges in the development process. There is nothing worse for players than the blue screen of death due to overheating. The costs of this engineering service are included in the final price.


The components of a gaming laptop require a higher voltage because more power is needed. Only what enters in the form of energy can also be used in the form of computing power. Probably 90% of the time, you will connect a gaming laptop to the power cable.

Still, games should work just as well with a battery in the end. Thus, the battery must be sized differently and have different performance data than other laptops.

Bigger = more expensive.

Charging System of Gaming Laptops

In addition to the battery, the entire line system of the laptop must withstand higher voltages and flow rates. Power supplies, electronic resistors and many other minor components it must design
This deviation from the official standard will also reflect a small extent in the higher price.

Other High-Performance Components

Almost all components are more expensive than other types of laptops. You can compare this to the sports package for a car.

We can find things like spoilers, racing tires, and the turbocharger in a gaming laptop processor, graphics card, and hundreds of LEDs. So, we need to dig deeper into our wallets for more power.