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Heart-Shaped Rims

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Some people get very hot on this topic. Of course, we are talking about wheels. Specifically, actual wheels vs replica wheels and what the differences are, why people get so upset about them, and why I might be wrong about your opinion going into this argument.

Define wheels

First, let’s define what actual wheels and replica wheels are. “Real” wheels refer to original manufacturer designs generally considered very high quality with a long and celebrated heritage. However, as technology has advanced, this definition has been blurred by companies that produce original designs but do not have decades of motorsports lineage, such as B.B.S., O.Z. or A.C. Schnitzer.

Other companies, such as X.X.R., E.S.R., Rota, and more, are other examples of companies that make low-cost versions of popular designs. Even our brand, Alzner, is generally considered a ‘replica’ brand because they are not original designs except with a few exceptions. This is the main point of discussion.

The biggest problem is intellectual property. The #savethewheels crowd likes to hype is stolen intellectual property and profits that should. Have gone to the original producer of the wheel style. When someone buys a replica wheel, that money would have otherwise gone to the original designer. On paper, this is precisely correct. It is wrong for a manufacturer to copy a design and then benefit from it when he did not initially create it. However, it is more complicated than that. I’ll explain.

First, people who buy wheels for the price that ‘replica’ wheels demand are not in the same market as those who believe in ‘real’ wheels. They wouldn’t be spending the money anyway, so they don’t cost the company sales. Instead, they are supporting a company that is fulfilling a demand. People who want wheels but don’t want to pay exponentially more for the best quality and exclusivity have an option. Not only that, but often, myself included, people, buy wheels to use regularly. So their nice-looking wheels aren’t as susceptible to damage. I don’t like standard wheels.

Heart wheels

Not only that, but most “real” wheel buyers don’t buy them new anyway. Of course, some buyers purchase custom wheels from the manufacturer. And they shell out the money and support the original producers by deciding to buy new ones and help the industry. However, most ‘real’ wheels are antiques that are out of production. Many buyers are the umpteenth owner who bought their wheels from forums, social media. Or reconditioning companies that repair, re-cylinder and refinish old wheels.

However, the flip side of the argument is that if you’re going to design wheels. You should create something unique rather than benefit from someone else’s design. Even if you intend to reach a lower price, you should try to produce something. New instead of copying another design. That said, spending money creating a new layout, building the moulds. Testing the wheels, and then taking the chance that they won’t sell well enough to justify the process. The safe bet is to produce something that people already know they want.

Of sequence, we know a thing or two about this. We produce wheels people want, even if they are not all unique designs. It may be less respectable, but it’s not exactly what I’d call egregious. Producing wheels look buyers want at a price. They comfortable paying is one way to allow customers to purchase aftermarket wheels the styles they want. That, or offer a wheel they can hit without damaging something expensive. Wheels are a tricky subject as both sides of the argument have merit. They offer the look you want