Vizag Startups is one platform for all people who want to startup in Vizag. Where they can post their questions, suggestions, ideas, help requests, etc. Being the industrial centre, it’s not alien to technological advancements and the impact of startups. The people of Andhra Pradesh are now adopting new technology like never before.

AcroMarc Vizag

Founder: Shiva Karan

One of the most prominent startups of Vizag, AcroMarc, provides an excellent offline shopping experience. Shoppers can buy any product from any store in an Indian city seamlessly (with a delightful checkout experience) using AcroMarc.

The AcroMarc app intersection private sharing and online shopping, focusing on one-to-one and small group conversations. It analyses massive amounts of data and scales down complexity into a simple, personal style rating and size for the user based on their body, fit, style preferences, and performance needs. With the help of a virtual styling room, users can get the best suggestions about budget-friendly products that make them look stylish and sophisticated.

Wellness Hub

Founder: Akash Sinha

Akash Sinha is the director of Wellness Hub, founded in 2012. Wellness Hub focuses on helping people unzip optimal wellness through proper diet, exercise, sleep routines, stress management, and much more. It bridges the gap between therapists and clients.

The Visakhapatnam startup wishes to make being Counsell as seamless as possible for its clients. Be it an in-person session at its hubs, a video session, a chat therapy using its mobile app, or a phone session on the official website. Wellness Hub wants to make fitness accessible to all.

My Vedhika

Founder: Sarat Adireddi

My Vedhika is an application, a one-stop mosaic solution to host beautiful events you may have only dreamt of. It’s a fast search engine for everything related to event organization. And also, management like function halls, catering, decoration, event organizers, sound and lighting, etc.

Shopping carts with the best deals and offers allow users to book their requirements for events based on the various budget ranges in different categories. Moreover, Customers can easily find out dine-out restaurants, places for drinks and nightlife, luxury dining, buffet places, international restaurants, etc., in Vizag.

Adnest Vizag

Founder: Renuka Rathode

Adnest is an online platform that allows offline stores to promote themselves online. It is done through a massive customer network Adnest has built over time. And also, Adnest offers discounts to customers who like to touch and feel the product before purchasing it.


Founder: Gopi Bulusu

Gopi Bulusu, the founder of NextTrade, offers mutual fund managers, HNIs, and traders insights into the global stock market trends. NextTrade allows customers to pick up a time for the purchase and sale of the product. Moreover, extTrade’s vision is to increase its presence in the state and then spread nationwide.

This Vizag-based startup offers services via mobile. And also, e-mail is based on subscription. And also, application.

Struck Vizag

Founders: Dushyant Rathi and Veddant Rathi

Struck is an online and offline resource to find the best in-town deals, sales, and offers. Customers can place their orders online through Struck. Therefore, the company can place your order on an e-commerce portal. And process the order on your behalf. Struck works with intelligent city vendors, sellers, artists, designers, and others.

The online venture celebrated the change and expansion Visakhapatnam has gone through in the last decade. And also, aims to promote initiatives in the city through its online platform.

This action by Struck will raise awareness online. And also, offline shoppers about Vizag’s reputation as a ‘shopping heaven effectively promoting the city’s shopping infrastructure.


Founder: Gopi Saragadam

Absolin was founded in 2014 and now has more than 50 employees. It is a software services provider in Visakhapatnam with the skills. And also, expertise to facilitate complex business solutions.

This startup from Vizag offers services in software development, web development, and content management solutions. And also, creative design.

Brilliance Tech Sols (P) Ltd.

Founder: Pradeep Narava

Brilliance Tech Sols. (P) Ltd. was founded in 2012. And also, it guides people through the latest technology and tools required for business growth.

Brilliance Tech has a team. Consists of marketing experts. And also, technical champs. Therefore, that provides consultation to clients.


Founder: Kiran Pasavedala

Headquartered in Berlin, Mojoreads is building an influential product of the web era. It is creating the most extensive digital books library.

However, Mojoreads is also crafting a neoteric social e-commerce platform that will enable users to monetize their content expertise. With Mojoreads, anyone can be a publisher, writer, curator, or reader.

Lucidchain Vizag

Founder: Prasanth Kumar Owk

Prasanth Kumar Owk is the CEO and founder of Lucidchain. Lucidchain’s DigiC platform helps with intelligent contracts in private blockchain scenarios. Moreover, It is fully holomorphic. And also, compatible with platform-agnostic integration points.


Founder: Uday Bhaskar Pydi

GOEFCO is an e-commerce platform that provides a massive catalogue for construction materials. It offers users the best possible choices for hassle-free constructions. And also, it aims to become the “A-Z platform” for building. GOEFCO claims to be India’s first hyperlocal market in the construction segment.

Saif Automation Vizag

Founder: Aliasgar Calcuttawala

Saif Automation was started in 2018 by Aliasgar Calcuttawala with support from his father, Ahmed S Abdeally, and his brother Taher Ahmed. Saif Automation helps reduce drowning incidents with the help of water drones named ‘Saif Seas’.

Moreover, these drones can be deployed in emergencies at sea or in other water bodies. Therefore, Once thrown into the water. Crew members can control the drone such that it can navigate. And also, pick up a drowning person and bring them to safety.


Founder: Vajahaarth Hussain

Advoge is the first choice solution of content brewers for monetization. Advoge acts as a facilitator. And also, an aggregator for merchants, and affiliates. And also, ad promoters. So, creating a massive revenue stream for the content brewers and themselves. Therefore, the company aims to expand beyond Vizag and become known country-wide.

Symbiosys Technologies Vizag

Founder: Shri Naresh Kumar

So, Symbiosys Technologies is one of the top IT companies in Visakhapatnam that provides services to a spectrum of clients in various industries, including financial services, and retail. And also, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, public sector, telcos, and utilities. And also, transportation.

Symbiosys offers project delivery capabilities to its clients through options such as onsite development at the client’s facility or offsite at one of its offshore development facilities in India.


Therefore, Vizag is rapidly advancing towards the tag of an “Indian entrepreneurial hub”. Let us know if you know about any other startups or entrepreneurs in Vizag. And also, We would love to feature them on this list.