Today, you can exercise control as a parent in your child’s world through parental control apps for iOS and Android, which is present in this article.

As a parent, you are responsible for several things concerning your child, especially if he is young or going through the periods of both psychological and physiological disturbances of adolescence. Your child’s safety, the places he frequents, the television channels he has access to.

And the websites on which he surfs are aspects over which you must have some control, even if it is minimal.

Screen Time Parental Control

A parental control app is available for free download on Play Store and App Store. There have already been more than 1 Million downloads. It is compatible with Android and iOS. It is an absolute command for you on your child’s smartphone.

You can go first with this app on the number of hours your child spends in front of his phone per day and perhaps deprive him of distraction if you feel that he has spent too much time with his phone.

You can then block certain apps and websites on your child’s phone if you think that the content offered by that site is not appropriate for them. No need to know everything your child is doing with his smartphone.


This cross-platform app for Mac and Windows and Android and iOS tablets and smartphones is straightforward to use and configure. It allows you to track and control your children’s activities on the Internet.
Qustodio will let you know which websites your child has connected to and all the contacts on their instant messaging apps and social networks, and the time spent on each platform.

The app can block specific websites and make them inaccessible from your child’s PC. It also has a notification function to alert you instantly in case of unauthorized connections. A daily report is also available for improving monitoring.

Kids Zone

Kids Zone is a parental control app available for free download on Play Store. With more than 1 million downloads, it is compatible with Android version 4.1 and above.

If your kids have easy physical access to your phone, this app would be ideal for you. With Kids Zone, you can create a profile for your child on your smartphone.

In particular, the profile will be renamed in its name or in whatever you want. With this profile, you will restrict which ones it can access. In addition, you have the opportunity to know everything it does with your phone in the shape you have created for it.

Kid’s Shell

Kid’s Shell is also part of the armour of parental control apps. Like Kids zone, which allows you to create a child profile, Kid’s Shell offers the possibility to create an easily accessible launcher for children for educational or recreational purposes. With this launcher, preset the time your child will be able to dispose of your phone.

Similarly, with the launcher, you can protect with pins the applications or contents of your phone that you consider inappropriate for children. It also comes with other features like knowing precisely what the child is doing with the phone and for how long.

Norton Family Parental Control

Another parental control app is available for download on Play Store and App Store. It is already used by thousands of parents worldwide, especially parents who have children going through adolescence. Norton Family Parental Control operates surveillance strictly online, so on the Internet.

You can find out which websites your child visits or tries to visit. You could then block specific sites whose content you think doesn’t go in the same direction as the education you give your child.

The app has an email service that will notify you whenever your child tries to visit a site that is forbidden to them. You could make arrangements as soon as you have the information.

Safe kids strictly allow control of the child’s activities on the Internet from an Android and iOS smartphone.

What distinguishes it from Norton Family Parental Control, for example, is that Safekids can be controlled with another smartphone with parent mode. So you can follow from your phone and, whatever your geographical location, the virtual universe of your child.

Familytime Parental Control

Yet another parental control app is available for free download on Apple Store and Play Store. It runs on Android and is already used by thousands of parents worldwide. The app offers several options. You can track the location and movements of your child to know the websites he visits.

You can instantly know who he is calling or calling him, who is texting him, or to whom he is texting him. And also, you have the option to block some of these apps that you deem won’t benefit him. Finally, you can set the time he will spend on his smartphone at times.

Kids place – Parental control

It is an application that was developed by kiddoware. Available as a free download from Play Store. Many parents already use it. It allows you to exercise permanent control over your child’s mobile device. You can block applications installed on it and restrict download permission.

You can even track his phone calls and messages. Kids place has a unique feature that sets it apart from all other parental control apps. Indeed, it can happen that your child inadvertently sows an application. You can restart the app from where it was stopped as a parent with this app.

Monitoring children is an essential thing for any parent. The current parental control apps provide this protection and facilitate the parent’s control over his child. However, be careful not to overdo it. Remember that everyone needs their space, their intimacy that should not be forced to break.