The Beginning after the End Wiki, popularly known as TBATE, is an exciting Webcomic highlighting a fantasy-oriented realm filled with powerful wizards, mana beasts, and divine beings. The leading of The Beginning after the End revolves around Arthur Leywin, an exceptional character with an interesting background. According to the website:

What is The Beginning after the End Wiki?

The Beginning after the End Wiki follows the life of the late King Gray after his untimely and mysterious death. Reborn as Arthur Leywin, he seeks to right his past wrongs on the vibrant new continent of Dicathen, a world teeming with fantastical and magical creatures.

Armed with the knowledge of a powerful king in his thirties, Arthur navigates his new life as the magical son of two retired adventurers, gaining meaning from each of his experiences, something he lacked in his previous life. When a kind dragon sacrifices his life to protect him, Arthur decides to live a sincere, kind, and brave life with his loved ones, unlike in the past. With the help of a misplaced elf princess and the elf kingdom of Elenoir, Arthur begins his journey to find his proper place in this world.

According to the website: information. Arthur has become more relaxed as the years have passed, positioning himself as a young but respected figure. Finally, déjà vu ensues as the war between Dicathen and a mysterious new land run by the powerful Vritra, a clan of expatriate deities who now rule a distant continent. Arthur must rise as a lead, despite his fear of becoming the war-hardened monster he was in his past life. As the war progresses, Arthur discovers that he wasn’t reincarnated into this world by accident… and he wasn’t the only one either.

Six Things You Want To Know About This Fantasy Webcomic

TurtleMe has Written The Beginning After The End

The lead author of the fictional web original The Beginning After the End was Brandon Lee, who uses the pen name TurtleMe. Consequently, the official name of the author of the series is TurtleMe. TurtleMe grew up in Korea and currently resides in Washington, DC. TurtleMe is a renowned author due to its fantasy comic series.

TurtleMe’s first published work is The Beginning after the End, but due to its huge success and status, it was illustrated as a Webcomic and officially released on July 6, 2018. The Webcomic is currently available on Tapas and Amazon Kindle.

The Beginning After The End is Together, a Webcomic and Webnovel

It’s not uncommon to discover comics, manga, and manhwa based on novels. However, the web novel The Beginning After The End is just as famous as the comic. Tapas published the 1st volume of the web novel on January 18, 2017.

This web novel has around 325 official chapters; However, the web novel has a volume currently in the works at Tapas. Also, unlike the webnovel, the webcomic contains approximately 120 chapters with detailed character projects and well-drawn battles.

The Beginning After the End is a Re-Creation Webcomic

Reincarnation is quite a popular concept in various anime, manga, manhwa, and Webcomic. Though, The Beginning After The End uniquely applies the idea of reincarnation. The plot of TBATE revolves around King Grey, an influential leader who is reincarnated as Arthur Leywin on the Dicathen continent.

However, Arthur was not reincarnated into a new world naked and without abilities; His previous experience as a warrior helped him improve his magic skills faster than usual. Finally, at age three, Arthur awoke as a wizard, an infrequent occurrence on Dicathen.

The Protagonist of The Beginning After The End is Arthur Leywin

Arthur Leywin, the series’s protagonist, was born to Reynolds and Alice Leywin. As highlighted above, Arthur is an exceptionally gifted wizard who awoke at the age of three. However, early awakening is a small part of Arthur’s talent. Arthur is also a quadra elemental wizard with variances in two forms.

Wizards in Dicathen can control different forms of magic; However, Arthur can handle all of the base forms and even the higher conditions of water and fire: ice and lightning. At a young age, Arthur encountered a majestic dragon, Sylvia, who bestowed her animal will and powers on him. This increase in power allowed him to expand his magical abilities and gain a new mate, Sylvie, Arthur’s draconic bond.

The Beginning After The End Customs a Mana-Based Energy System

Like most fantasy stories, The Beginning After The End works with mana as its core base. Mages use the “mana” in TBATE with evolved cores. The lighter a mage’s core, the greater their ability to manipulate mana skillfully. The growth order of a mage’s core is black, red, orange, yellow, silver, and white.

The level of the white core is the highest realm a magician can attain; However, from Sylvia’s last words to Arthur, readers can infer that there is a higher magical level. Additionally, in the webcomic, wizards are categorize as summoners, enhancers, and emitters, each with unique attributes.

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The Beginning After The End is a Great Fantasy Story

High Fantasy, also known as Epic Fantasy, is a subgenre of Fantasy. The basis of high Fantasy is that readers are presented with a new world or universes they are unfamiliar with. Typically in tall fantasy stories, the hero strives to end conflict and triumph over malevolent forces.

The Beginning After The End falls into this category. TBATE readers are introduce to another world with fantasy-oriente concepts such as magic, mana beasts, and wizards. Also, a conflict seems to be brewing, and Arthur is most likely the center of attention.

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The Beginning after the End portrays Arthur Leywin as a man trying to live a more fulfilling life. However, Arthur encounters temporary difficulties and obstacles that prevent him from achieving his goal. Currently, the webcomic has more than a hundred chapters, which means the depth of the plot of the story. Here is a list of the essential details fans want to know about The Beginning after the End.