If you are a Grindr user, you come across the ” Gen” on Grindr. And if you are thinking, what does Gen mean on Grindr? Then you are in the right place. Here I am writing about what Gen stands for on Grindr.  It remains a very famous dating app worldwide used for matching and chatting. During text exchange or in biogen, the word remains used taking place Grindr.

Gen stands for Generous. You will come crossways “generous” or “gen only” on Grindr.

Could you get expelled on Grindr for saying you’re Gen?

No. You only get barred for soliciting, meaning directly request for money. You’re allowable to say you’re Gen, and you’re allowable to ask someone if they’re Gen. But be careful when other user reports your profile your chances of getting banned on Grindr increase.

The most acceptable way to say your Gen on Grindr is to bury it, and at the finish of the profile or put rose, people looking for gens will understand. Thus you can express your Gen on Grindr.

Wrap Up

My information is you stay away from gen word and trap. Because sometimes it will trap and you will get fooled or looted by other users just saying Gen and offering perks. If you are serious and another user remains also severe, and you get verified, it’s generous. Go for it.

What Does Gen Mean On Grindr?

Gen stands for Generous. You will come across “generous” or “gen only” on Grindr.

Anyone who starts using grindr and other gay dating apps quickly becomes acclimated with the buzzwords — including “generous” or “gen only,” i.e. people willing to pay or wanting to be paid for sex.

But what’s it like to enter into such a transaction? One Redditor recently asked that question, saying he’s always been curious.

“I get ‘generous’ offers from guys a lot, but I’ve never gone through with it,” he wrote. “I’m terrified of getting caught, or it remains a set-up. However, every once and a while, the offer remains so much money that I’m very tempted. I would love to hear stories of people who have taken the money and whether you think it was worth it.”

Other users had tales to tell. “Charged this one dude $100 for an hour,” one wrote. “Dude paid $65 for a cheap motel & he came in 5 minutes. … Easiest $100 of my life.”

Another said he became a financial dom. “I once did a findom thing with a ‘generous’ guy just to see what it was like,” that user wrote. “He showed up, gave me 1,800 bucks and left. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

gen mean on grindr

As for the generous types, one guy said he was offered a massage with a happy ending for $100. “He was a beautiful guy with a nice fit body and a kind disposition. I’m no great beauty, but he seemed to be attracted to me, and we ended up doing a little more than he had originally offered,” he recalled. “He was very passionate and thanked me afterwards, and I gladly paid him with a generous tip. … Overall, it was a great knowledge, but I won’t be doing anything like that again, I don’t think.”

Another user entered into a strictly PG great relationship. “Had a guy offer me 800 a week for a platonic month of just being there with him,” he wrote. “And going [on] cute dates. He was 28, which isn’t old, especially because I’m 19.”

Other guys, however, warned their Reddit brethren about phishing. “In attendance are a lot of bots out there running this kind of scam where they offer to be your ‘sugar daddy, so be wary,” one wrote.

“Yeah, they always hit me up asking for bank info, then promise me an obscene amount of cash each week by direct deposit,” another commented. “It’s ridiculous.”

One guy, however, apparently crossed paths with a super generous fellow. “Last week some dude Venmo’d me 100 dollars just because,” he wrote. “I ignored him and said I didn’t want anything, but he still sent me money. Thanks, kind stranger.”