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Hard Drive Write For UsHard Drive Write For Us – Hard drives are data storage devices in which we can store any digital information. Be it photographs, videos, text files, or computer programs; the hard drive is one of the essential parts of any computer system.

However, in online store, you can see an extensive catalogue of hard drives where you will find the model that best suits your needs.

Since the first hard drives appeared in 1956, data storage technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, although, its operation remains faithful to the foundations of the first hard drives.

How a hard drive works

The operation of a hard disk is “simple,” the heads put magnetic marks along the tracks of the platter with three different positions, 1, 0 or neutral, and computer systems can interpret this binary code as information. When we save a file to our hard drive, it writes a sequence of ones and zeros to the plates at speeds that get measured in microseconds.

Internal hard drive types

On the one hand, we have internal hard drives. They are inside our computer equipment, be it a desktop computer or a laptop computer.

They characterized by permanently being fixed and connected to the rest of the components, unlike external hard drives, which can easily portable and connected to different computers.

An internal hard drive can be of many different types. We analyze the best known below, based on their interface standard:

SAS hard drive

A SAS hard drive often seen advanced applications, enterprise storage, and significant servers.

The initials SAS refer to Serial Attached SCSI (a term that, in turn, represents Small Computer System Interface).

A SAS hard drive stands out for its reliability, stability, and speeds that reach 15,000 rpm, giving it more excellent performance than other hard drives.

Despite its capacities, the SAS hard drive not usually seen in the home or small businesses, among other reasons, due to its power and price ratio, which is well above different types.

SCSI hard drive

SCSI hard drive considered the predecessor of the SAS hard drive. The new complex drive model offers excellent reliability, durability, transfer rate and performance. However, SCSI hard drives are still more attractive economically.

That is why for a long time, it has had no rival. The SCSI standard is present in all types of devices, from scanners to recorders, as well as servers, which is where investments continue to make to take advantage of this technology.

IDE, ATA and PATA hard drive

In the 1990s, ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) was coined as an interface standard for connecting digital storage devices.

Hard drives based on the ATA interface could be connected. In practice, ATA or IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) often used interchangeably, although the latter made sense when drive controllers were no longer separate from the drive but integrated.

The term PATA identified as “Parallel ATA”. It is an interface standard that connects two devices using a single IDE connection cable. It also coined as a hallmark of the SATA interface to differentiate it from the original ATA standard.

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