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Sous Vide Machine Write for Us – Guest Post, and Submit Post

Sous Vide Machine Write for Us


Sous Vide Machine Write for Us – Food and other meal scraps degrade naturally in contact with air. Indeed, bacteria develop and increase when food is in the open air. The vacuum machines make it possible to prolong the preservation of the desired products and their nutritional values. This makes it possible to limit food waste significantly and consume products out of season. A melon in winter is likely! I explain how to choose the best model according to your needs, and if you can send us the ideas and submit the article, contact us at

Why Use a Vacuum Sealer?

You can keep a lot of vacuum-packed products is fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, but also bread (so that it retains its crispness), cheese (to limit Odors in the fridge), coffee as well such as dry foods such as cereals. But also a portion of soup or a leftover dish with a sauce that has been cooled beforehand, or even cakes and pastries.

What is a Sous Vide Machine, and How Does It Work?

A vacuum sealer works very simply. Put the food in a bag dedicated to this purpose and then remove the air by suction, called vacuum packing. The machine performs a weld to make the bag airtight. The products thus stored can then be kept up to 5 times longer compared to traditional systems (conservation bags, aluminum foil, etc.).

A Sous Vide Machine in Your Kitchen

A sous vide appliance brings many benefits to your kitchen. The device makes your kitchen organization more flexible and ensures food safety. You can reduce food waste cost-efficiently. In addition to keeping your products safer and fresher for longer, a sous vide machine is also a necessary tool for sous vide cooking… Sous-vide cooking, or cooking at the right temperature, offers several advantages in terms of flavor, organoleptic quality, and food protection and benefits for the organization of kitchen teams.

What are the Other Advantages of the Sous Vide Machine?

Accelerate marinades: Indeed, the resting time of a marinade is generally several hours. This allows the food to soak up enough. The vacuum machine makes it possible to divide this time by two or even to have a marinade in just 20 minutes!

Sous vide cooking: Fans of haute cuisine (or if you are curious) will appreciate sous vide cooking. It is prolonged cooking at low temperatures in a broth. Vacuum-packed food is immersed in it.

The Best Models of Sous Vide Machine

The Food Saver VS1199X vacuum machine: Thanks to this small model to take everywhere, you can vacuum seal your food and preparations with just one touch. Rechargeable and usable in all circumstances, this device is supplied with a Food saver freshness box and ten storage bags.

The Powervar VS0100X Food saver sous vide machine: This slim and easy-to-use model fits perfectly into the kitchen and allows you to create sous vide in no time.

Food saver’s VS3190X vacuum sealer is Powervar’s big sister. It also allows you to make dry or wet vacuum packs. Still, it also has an accessory compatible with Food saver storage and storage boxes and many other consumables.

How To Submit Your Guest Post?

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