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Wine Corks Write for Us Wine Corks Write for Us

Wine corks stoppers used to seal wine bottles? They are usually made from cork oak trees’ bark, specifically the outer layer of the bark. Cork oak trees are primarily found in Mediterranean countries like Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

There are plenty of other alternative stoppers, including cork-like closures made from different synthetic materials, crown caps like the ones used for beer bottles and sodas and often reserved for natural wines, cork agglomerates made from pieces of ground-up corks shaped into a cork-like closure, and even elegant apothecary-style glass bottle stoppers.

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Types of Wine Corks

Whatever your bottle-stopper preference, each style of closure carries its benefits and shortcomings but should never be why you choose or avoid a particular wine.

  • Natural Corks
  • Synthetic Corks
  • Screw caps
  • Glass Stoppers
  • Aging and Oxygen
  • Cork Taint
  • Opening Techniques
  • Environmental Impact
  • Wine Preservation

What if you can’t return a Bottle?

You purchased a special bottle of Wine while on vacation and open it on your trip’s first anniversary and find it corked.  Scientists at UC Davis have discovered a possible solution.

The scientists placed a wad of plastic wrap in a container and poured in the Wine.  After about 15 minutes, they ran the Wine into a new vessel leaving the plastic wrap behind. Hard to say how this process will affect your wine-drinking experience, but it’s certainly an interesting experiment!

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