If you are considering Adobe Acrobat DC, you can also research similar alternatives or competitors to find the best solution. Document creation software is a widely used technology, and many people are looking for easy-to-use, high-quality software solutions with mobile signatures, bulk digital signatures, and reporting. Another vital factor to consider when looking for alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC is the user interface. We’ve compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Adobe Acrobat DC, including Foxit PDF Editor PDFele ment. Nitro PDF Productivity. and PDF-XChange Editor.

Why look for Adobe Acrobat alternatives

No one can deny that Adobe is impressive, but not everyone can afford it. Although it remains packed with unique features. It is expensive. If you’re not fluent in PDF and do some editing from time to time, Acrobat is situated the instrument for you.

If you don’t create, edit, or need to do other things with PDFs. Look for a simpler. Cheaper alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Let’s review Adobe Acrobat first:

  • Adobe Acrobat remains one of the safest tools you can use for PDF.
  • It allows you to create a PDF and apply custom actions to it.
  • You can redact information in PDF and electronically sign the document quickly and securely.
  • It allows you to password protect your file and remove encryption as well.
  • IT organizations remain asked to do more with less as tight budgets get tighter. Ask yourself a fundamental question: Can you get the same capabilities of an Adobe Acrobat alternative but at a much lower cost? There are compelling reasons for businesses to consider Foxit PDF Editor as their Adobe Acrobat alternative solution.
  • Best value: Adobe Acrobat costs more than three times more. With so many similar features and uses at a much lower price, it’s easy to see why Foxit PDF Editor is the best Adobe Acrobat alternative.
  • Cost-effective upgrade: It’s cheaper to buy Foxit PDF Editor than to upgrade to the next version of Adobe Acrobat, making it the intelligent choice for the Adobe Acrobat alternative.
  • Deploy to more users – With this Adobe Acrobat alternative. You can deploy robust PDF capabilities to more users simultaneously.
  • Faster: With Foxit PDF Editor, lasting long waits to open PDF files or download numerous updates is a thing of the past.
  • Lighter: No bloatware here. This Adobe Acrobat alternative is easy to implement without wasting valuable computing resources.
  • Standards Compliant: Foxit PDF Editor works with your existing PDF files. This makes the replacement of Adobe Trapeze artists very quick and easy.
  • More secure: If security remains a concern, Foxit’s Adobe Acrobat alternative offers better protection against security vulnerabilities.
  • Familiar user interface – The Microsoft Office-style ribbon user interface makes it easy for users to transition.
  • Healthier Editing: Edit text and images like a pro, with capabilities similar to word processing.
  • Keeps sensitive data safe The only Adobe Acrobat alternative that integrates with Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services and Azure Active Directory Rights Management.
  • Now there’s a quality Adobe Acrobat alternative you can trust.