Best Apps to Buy and Sell Stuff on Android? Reuse and recycling are significant for the environment and more responsible use of resources. In addition to apps to recycle, you also need to know the best apps to sell things and thus be able to get rid of everything you no longer need, and in doing so, you will make money.

Therefore, someone can take advantage of it and get it at a lower price. But not all of them are advantages in this buying and selling service. There can also be problems, scams, insecure payments, etc.

We’ve rounded up some of the best-trusted apps you can use, with guarantees, proven, and millions of users to open up a world of possibilities for your sales success. Whether it’s second-hand items, vehicles, and even things you make yourself as a business.


Wallapop is one of the leading apps when it comes to selling things. You can buy almost anything there, and you can also sell it. Although it focused on proximity at first, by analyzing the sellers or buyers you had in your area, it expanded and allowed shipments by transport to any location. Although it has a Pro version at €39.99/month, it’s free to increase your sales and be a star seller.

You already have over 15 million users using it to sell everything they don’t need and buy what they need at a lower cost. It has an editor to be able to put the description, price and upload photos of what you want to sell, as well as a chat through which buyers can view you. It’s safe, with shipping methods that arrive between 2 and 7 days, safe and secure payment, money-back guarantees if your product doesn’t come or doesn’t conform to the description or may be in poor condition, etc.

Vinted – Apps to Buy and Sell Stuff

Next on the list of apps to sell things on Android is Vinted, a service of French origin that also sweeps Spain. It’s free, and you gain access to a community with millions of users who sell the clothes they no longer use in the world. Earn money with what you don’t use or save on fashion with offers from other users.

You can upload photos of the items and descriptions, set the price, show videos bearing the templates, payments or fees for bank account or PayPal safely etc. You can even make yourself known and sell your creations if you like to DIY.


Amazon is not only a sales platform. You will also have seen that there are second-hand items at a lower price, which you can resell. And, if that doesn’t seem like much to you, you can also sell new products of all kinds. Yes, you can also sell through Amazon. From clothing, parts, electronics, food, dietary supplements, and appliances, or publish your books.

Also, who doesn’t buy on Amazon or doesn’t know Amazon. It ensures that the products are seen by millions of people worldwide and your sales skyrocket. Of course, not only do you need the app, but you also need to register as a seller. It even has assistance if you have any questions, the ability to carry out marketing campaigns, offers, etc.


Another of the most well-known websites for buying and selling is Milanuncios. It also has a native Android app that needs to be among the best apps to sell things on Android. Search or publish easily, quickly, and securely. It’s free, and you can post classified ads for all kinds of items to find buyers.

It has filters for search, and it allows contact with the customer or seller by chat or call. It is safe by moderating ads, verifying and avoiding fraud, and using ad editing and management tools that you won’t have to have the knowledge to operate with it. And if you want to highlight your ad and more people see it, you can pay for it.

All Collection – Apps to Buy and Sell Stuff

All collection is another of the best apps to sell things on Android also to buy. This application has a catalogue of more than 32 million individual lots for direct sale or auction. The auction makes it easy to sell certain special items to the highest bidder.

Of course, it is a service that brings security, agility, customer-seller communication, payments via PayPal, tracking of shipments by Correos, the possibility of creating lots and exclusive offers, etc.

Finally, you also have, another service born not so long ago, and that is a vast catalogue of vehicles like cars and vans. With more than 250.000 0 million ads for used cars, Km XNUMX, new or used. Buy and sell quickly with this free app.

Search engine, filters, ease of purchase or publication of ads, speed, security, all major car brands, and system to receive notifications from potential buyers.