Like cupid, an entrepreneur must meet love’s conditions for hatching. Sales and marketing teams in the same company often struggle to work together, but good compatibility is the key to success.

Unfortunately, the two sections know very little about the reality of their colleagues and the daily challenges they face. This lack of understanding certainly generates frustration and bitterness on both sides.

However, in b2b, you have to understand that the two teams depend on each other for the better. For the better. Both marketing and sales must align with Cupid and the purchase process for potential customers.
In this month of love and camaraderie, here are some recommendations to bring sales and marketing teams together to better contribute to business success.

For alignment of marketing and sales, the first step is to promoting a good relationship between the two departments is to make sure they work in the same direction as cupid. For example, the target group for marketing campaigns must be the same as the ideal customer profile for the sales team, and the language used by both groups must be the same.

It may seem obvious, but I’ve often seen the opposite. In addition to clearly defining the importance of working together to achieve common goals, the business manager must provide the necessary tools (CRM, marketing programs, etc.) So that the two teams understand how they can complement and explain their efforts.

Choose Your Leaders Carefully like Cupid

Management should make sure that a vice president of sales and a vice president of marketing appreciates and respects each other. Because they occupy the same hierarchical level within the company. They should be able to work as a team, advise each other and find solutions that correspond to the needs of their groups.

I think it’s best to avoid merging the two departments under the same leader. Yes, sales and marketing are interconnected disciplines. But they are still fundamentally different. Their roles, motivations and daily responsibilities are not the same. Not a single manager can have all the knowledge to supervise both teams at the same time correctly.

Provide Good Training And Supervision

As an employer, it’s essential to spend as much money and energy on training and monitoring delegates as with marketers. Prima Ressource invites daily training for actors, but I often find that members of the marketing team are self-reliant.

Also, marketing departments often do not have clear and specific processes to attract incoming leads. In this case, if they are trying to generate potential customers, marketing spreads its efforts here, thereby blending events, internal marketing, advertising, etc.

The majority of SMEs do not have the budgets to be effective in all areas. The amount, quality, and flow of new potential customers are random, puzzling salespeople and preventing suitable job qualifications.

On the other hand, better supervision will allow the marketing team to refine and diversify its knowledge, develop at the same market rate and adopt tactics that better meet the needs of potential customers and representatives. Such as case studies and customer testimonials.

Healthy Relationships 101 (Cupid): Getting To Know Each Other Better To Understand Each Other Better

As in any good relationship, each party must walk a few steps in the other’s place to understand their point of view and avoid differences.

The sales and marketing team works to achieve a common goal: to increase market share and company profits.

They can and must support each other in achieving this goal. However, it occurs at different stages of the customer purchase process. one frequently works at the source, while the other works mainly in the direction of the riverbed.

Their cupid performance indicators. Therefore, vary at several levels. Sometimes, one section ignores the reasons behind the other’s choices and blames them for their failures.

For example, if marketers feel that their potential customers are not turning to sales, they will tend to blame delegates. It explains that they do not understand the reality of salespeople. Such as the level of difficulty in reaching prospects. The adversity to be faced in the field, etc.

To restore the situation, it is recommended that marketing managers be allowed to go directly to the field. Attend specific meetings and participate in customer calls.

On the other hand, if marketing increases website visits and conversions, the sales team must understand why this goal is set in the first place. In addition to supporting them in their tasks. They will be able to take advantage of the resulting benefits and adjust their sales policy accordingly.


To promote a Cupid, healthy relationship between sales and marketing, this is necessary to maintain a strong culture of accountability within the company and hold everyone accountable for their results. Also, you’ll increase your chances of success by allowing colleagues from both teams to experiment and discuss freely with each other.